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Below is a general list of services provided. Feel free to contact Monica to find out more.

01. Interim CONTROLLER Services

Interim services can be provided for teammates who have left the company or are out for an extended period of time.

02. Audit Readiness

Company personnel are often busy enough with covering their day to day responsibilities.  Support can be provided to get the company ready for the financial statement audit by writing the GAAP financial statements, completing external firm checklists, preparing audit schedules, documenting internal controls and similar tasks.

03. Transaction Support

In a buy or sell situation, it is critical figures represented in the transaction are solid.  Support can be provided to help in substantiating opening balance sheets, annual operating results and other items required in the transaction.

04. Maturing the Accounting Team

Oftentimes when a company grows and becomes more sophisticated, the accounting/finance team has not had adequate resources to stay on top of some of the basic blocking and tackling disciplines found in the accounting/finance function. Support can be provided to develop checklists and process to solidify the monthly close process, simplify internal reporting decks, provide feedback on team roles, and other helpful measures to mature the accounting/finance function.


Financial visibility should always be a top management priority.  Providing the Board plain decks showing operating results, operating metrics and other measures can be a true discipline that needs to be developed at the company.

06. technical memo writing

When the Company is required to adopt new accounting standards, memos can be initially drafted, discussions held with the external accountants and adjustments and disclosures if required, can be agreed upon and included in getting the Company ready for an audit.

07. cash flow forecasting

Management should consistently be made aware of the use of its resources, borrowing capacity and other cash management concerns.  Cash flow forecasting can be developed to help management keep its pulse on liquid resources.